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Video Surveillance & Security Solutions

The world’s most intelligent surveillance solutions the world has ever seen today. JK Technology & Security Services welcomes you into the new age of real time wireless internet IP surveillance camera systems and security solutions.

Complete Cloud Infrastrucuture

The ultimate complete integrated & sophisticated wireless digital platform the world has ever seen today. JK Technology & Security Services paves the roads ahead into the future, ensuring your business and home is securely protected and integrated within the complete cloud infrastructure of tomorrow.

Information Technology Consulting Services

Advanced technological repairs, troubleshooting & diagnostic services to offering you the most advanced multi-solution platform to serve every single one of your multi-technology needs.

Official Online Secured Web Shopping Store

The official JK Technology & Security Services sales page is one of the industry’s latest breakthrough revolutionary systems, offering our clients and customers with some of the world’s latest and most advanced technology products and services the world has ever seen today at LOW prices.

The Industry’s Leading-Level Customer Support

We are ready to address your questions and concerns. Our staff is knowledgeable and readily trained to assist you.


Elite Team Of The World’s Brightest Indviduals

Our team consists the brightest young talents within our world today, paving the future of tomorrow with the most complete technological implementations and solutions, offered at the highest quality and value.

Securing your world and future of tomorrow.

We welcome you into the new age of technology & security services,

offering you the high end of the latest and most advanced services within the world today.

We are proudly serving you with technological innovations that pave the way of tomorrow and on in towards the future.

Technology and security services to meet the demands of residents, business enterprises within the oil and gas industries and businesses of tomorrow’s future.

  • Security: surveillance, biometrics, drones, access control, & physical armed guard services
  • Technology: troubleshooting, repairs, cloud storage, security, virus removal, & diagnostics
  • Sales: smartphones, tablets, game cameras security cameras, ptz, wireless, ip, & biometrics
  • The only multi-dimensional technological services company known within the Eagle Ford Shale today
  • World class services and products offered at the highest levels

About Us

We are the industry’s leading provider today in security and technology services.

We offer you advanced security and technological platforms within our world today.

We are proud to announce the official launch of our

business today serving all residents & businesses.

JK Technology & Security Services

welcomes you to the new age.

  • Your world connected

    One united complete system connected to the world. Your company and assets are protected 24/7, 365 days a year, giving you complete peace of mind.

  • 📱

    Mobile access from anywhere in the world

    No other platform to date matches our advanced wireless systems that allow you to have the freedom of complete access control from the palm of your hand while being anywhere in the entire world.

  • 🔒

    Secured protection

    Our innovations here at JK Technology & Security Services offer a state of the art advanced sophisticated cloud infrastructure platform, backing up all of your private data and securely storing it to prevent any loss at all of critical data.

  • Fast immediate access

    Here at JK Technology & Security Services, we have re-written the meaning of fast time and reliability, giving our clients some of the fastest computing system applications known within the world today.

What others say about us

Chad B. Johnson

These guys are some of the best and brightest young talented individuals I have ever met. They have assisted me and my family’s technology needs for over 5+ years now. I highly recommend JK Technology & Security Services to anybody looking for the best to serve your technology needs.

Chad B. JohnsonCEO
Anna Vandana

JK Technology & Security Services offers some of the most advanced smartphones today at unbeatable prices in their sales division. My company now today has purchased many goods from these guys and we will continue to do so and look forward to doing future business together. A++!

Anna VandanaCEO
Curtis Sheppard

Very affordable, very efficient, and extremely intelligent and fast top of the line products and services. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone in the business today!

Curtis SheppardCEO
Jack D. Curshaw

The team of Justin D. Parr and Jeremy M. Cardosa truly have God-given gifts and talents that separate from your average within society. These guys are the real deal of tomorrow’s future! That being spoken, their security systems are the world’s most intelligent and advanced systems like no other today and what blew me away was just how affordable and extremely honest, fast and completely a company and team performed with the most absolute sickening work ethics I have ever seen from two young men.

Jack D. CurshawCEO
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